cera's max patch

just wanted to let you guys know how far i got with my kpk hack.

i am a max n00b - but somehow got the lights to blink in desired speed and good sync with Alive.
also the midilearn works in Alive with every button and pad.
did not bother wih encoder, knobs, XY and LED yet.
still have trouble sending sysex directly from Max to th KPK. so to use this patch, you must have MidiOx installed.
surprisingly the cpu is down, even if the whole thing is on fire!

i am shure there a much more elegant ways to achieve the same things i did - but this is a Max-learning project and a good way to dive into this crazy piece of music-sw (did not touch reaktor since i started hacking the KPK!).
please let me know what you think!

Padkontrol-Cera-01 (pat, 10 KB)

patch is for windows. tried txt-version, but couldn't open it in max again.
lobjects, jasch_objects and RTC_lib may be required (chck max objects database).
follow instructions inside.



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Korg padKontrol Project

building a max/msp patch for the kpk

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