Thursday, 17. January 2008

Step sequencer for the padKONTROL!

Sorry guys the previous link went down, that patch was way old anyway, here is a link to the newer one

This one has sample accurate triggering, beat-matching(but no laggy rewire), sample and channel transposing, adsr, but works only with audio samples(no MIDI implemented yet)
it is unfinished and is far away from solutions like Five12's Numerology with a launchpad...but here we go, you might get some useful ideas from the patch. If you do anything with it, please share :)

feedback: djooker {at] gmail [dot} com
intellijel - 18. Mar, 16:47

where is the download link?

Tom (guest) - 14. Apr, 03:18


Please consider underlining or dotting links on this site, or at least changing their color to help us differentiate from normal text.
Niklas (guest) - 3. Jul, 23:46


hello, do you have a documentation or sth somewhere? i don't know why, but i just can't get it work. running 10.5.4 over here. seems like it won't switch to native mode (switch in the program dosnot affect change at all). or are just my midi-settings messed up? so please, i really think it's great, but i want to have it work ;)
used stand-alone and max-packages.

greetings, niklas

jamie (guest) - 21. Jan, 22:17


f'ing good work!
Ralf (guest) - 2. Jan, 20:30


Hi, could you upload somewhere this step sequencer patch? because debreczeni site doesn't work :(

maeghan (guest) - 20. Feb, 21:21

DL link is not working

could you possibly post a working link?

bob (guest) - 17. May, 07:32

upload a new download link please been looking for a sequencer that is PC capable forever!!!!!!!

dave604 - 8. Nov, 09:22

new link

sorry guys here's the new story:
david debreczeni

Korg padKontrol Project

building a max/msp patch for the kpk

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